Upcoming talks at the Barnes Philosophy Club


 A public club that meets to talk with philosophers and discuss a wide variety of philosophical issues. We aim to promote a philosophical and thoughtful approach to everyday life, and to help connect the outside world with the thinking of professional philosophers. We are supported by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and based at the OSO Arts Centre.

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Upcoming talks


19th September 2023 How to Think Like a Philosopher - ​Peter Cave


24th October 2023 Philosophy of Humour – Dr Kevin McCarron

21st November 2023 The Philosophy of Flirting - Dr Lucy McDonald


2023 February 14th: Watch our Valentine's Day special talk with Ulrik Lyngs

It was great to see the OSO so busy for our "Valentine's Day Special" last month with Ulrik Lyngs, Carlsberg Foundation Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford's Human Centred Computing Group. He gave a lively and thought-provoking talk on how we can use a growing range of tools to save ourselves from digital addiction - whether to social media or dating apps - in the face of tech companies' war for our attention. We have a pretty good recording of the talk, which you can watch on YouTube.

You can book on for our next talk with Professor Sophie Grace Chappell, at the OSO website.