'Constructing Copenhagen: weird things from quantum physics' a talk by Dr Stephen Rainey, Bull's Head, Barnes, 14 May 2015 7.30 - 9pm


A theme: something to do with the contrast between, and intersection of, the everyday and the very weird. The fairly innocuous picture is in fact an example of everyday weirdness (credit to Pablo Pardo for getting the picture).
The talk will present some weird things from quantum physics, and how despite the weirdness they nevertheless 'work' in everyday technologies. Lasers, for example, rely on quantum effects that seem hard to comprehend. This'll be where the Copenhagen Interpretation gets drawn in.
I will discuss the philosophical ramifications of having technology that works, but on a basis we can't understand -- logical, metaphysical, epistemological and ethical ramifications.
Then we'll have a look at Schrodinger's cat and how we can think about that and whether we can get to grips with it at all.