Next Royal Institute of Philosophy talk , 'Que sais-je? (What Do I know?) on Tuesday 14 May 2019, Coach & Horses, Barnes High Street 7.30 - 9 pm

Paul Fletcher: Speaker
Dr Barbie Underwood: Chair      
Abstract :  How did Montaigne know what he did, who inspired him, and can we learn from his methods of inquiry? Montaigne, like only a select few philosophers, makes us not only think but seems to touch us extraordinarily; we feel almost as if he is speaking to us personally. ‘Que sais-je? –What do I know?-  is a question we often ask ourselves in times of doubt. How could a 16th-century philosopher help us through these modern times? In this talk, I shall be drawing on the essays of Montaigne so we may be able to seek solace by allowing him into our lives. In troubling times could Montaigne help calm our social, political and cultural trials and tribulations? Can an SOS call to Michel De Montaigne help our plight?