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Thank you to everyone who attended our celebration on 13th July, in recognition of the huge achievements of Barbie Underwood, our Chair Emerita in building the Barnes Philosophy Club over a decade. Barbie has organized almost a hundred talks in Barnes, which have brought a fascinating range of ideas and discussions to our community.

We held a panel discussion on the topic of "What counts as philosophy?" with contributions from Andrew Ward, Professor Sophie-Grace Chappell, Richard Ashcroft, Dr Yasemin J Erden, and of course from Barbie herself. 

I'm delighted to say that, thanks to the speakers, we have been able to make the talks available as our first publication. The book also includes a few photos from the club events, and comments from many of you, the club members.

You can view the PDF online at and ResearchGate, as well as our website.

I have had a few hard copies printed, and am happy to deliver or post them to anyone who would like to make a small donation to the club towards the costs (any amount welcome). You can do so by clicking the donate button and (after you choose the amount and click Donate) making sure you click the option to "Share your mailing address with Nicholas Aldridge so they can acknowledge your donation".

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