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Next Talk 'Nietzsche' - 'Is there a "hard problem" of value?' - given by Dr Manuel Dries - Tuesday 8 November

What does Nietzsche mean when he says that “values are created”? In this talk I argue that Nietzsche rejects value realism in favour of a non-realist conception of value, which he takes to be superior due to one specific property of values, their “aliveness”. While Nietzsche was optimistic that realist views could be eliminated, and that eventually most or all would come to conceive of values as created, I want to raise the possibility that there may be a "hard problem" of value analogous to the “hard problem” in the philosophy of mind. If there is a hard problem of value, and for the realist any created value simply does not count as a value, it is unclear if Nietzsche’s conception is constructive.

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